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Relationship To That Which Is Greater Than Us – The Intelligent Universe?


London Bridge Intuitive - Intelligent Universe

Do you have a relationship with the Divine or the Intelligent Universe or Cosmos or any of that? Do you believe that you are Spirit here and now having an experience of limitation and duality here on Earth? 

Do you feel that there is something greater than us, a power, a force, God, the Divine, something that we are too limited to understand, that has created us and the universe and all that is? If you have had some sort of religious upbringing, you may have thought about this kind of question before.

If you were raised with no faith background you may also have wondered about this. The big question is: How would you know? 

Make Those Beliefs Your Own

If you did know, I imagine that it might give you a sense of security or trust.
If you have a sense of wonder, of awe and mystery, you may be closer to the truth. How often do you experience synchronicity in your life when things just happen often without prior thought or reason that in some way lead you further along your way?

If you can look back over your life and see where these things have happened, you might again feel more supported or led by forces greater than yourself. If you have been raised with a faith background, you may hold some beliefs either in line with that background or not but it is not until you make those beliefs your own and you come to know that you feel certain in your knowledge.  

Believing is wonderful and it is a step towards knowing, but we can only know what we have really experienced. If you don’t know your place in the universe with respect to nature, animals, other humans and the Divine or the cosmos or intelligent universe, you might be encouraged to risk lending credibility to what you would like to believe and experimenting a bit.

Life is a bit of a trial and error process and it is possible to test out your beliefs until they become knowings. If you imagine that creation is like a painting and there is a painter, it could be true that creation could never really understand that creator just as a painting cannot understand the painter.

If Life is Difficult & You Need Help?

You could also imagine that the Creator is the indefinable being or force that created the universe, nature, the cycles of seasons, rising and setting of the sun and moon, and the ongoing progress of civilisation where each generation goes a small step further than the one behind. When you are out in nature and experience a sense of wonder, awe and a feeling of being part of everything, who or what is it that created that? If you hold a rose in your hand, feel it and smell it, where does that come from? Could you create that?

If life is difficult and you need help, to whom or what do you turn? If you ask for help within yourself or pray and ask for specific answers, do you get them some of the time? Can you link results to some of your asking of questions?

Try experimenting first with simple things like asking within yourself for God or the Unseen World to help you to get the bus you need just after you reach the bus stop, find something you have misplaced, sort out a financial problem – not a huge one, just a small one to start out, help you to achieve something that you long to achieve, even a small thing.

Like a Muscle, The More We Use it The Stronger it Gets

Being able to ask something greater than us for help and seeing that we get it some of the time can go a long way to help us feel we are indeed in relationship with that power. It is like a muscle, the more we use it the stronger it gets. However don’t expect it to work all the time or much when you start. Just persevere and see where that takes you.

Saying prayers, wishing others well, feeling grateful for the answers you receive help, but sometimes we need more specific evidence to help us. Be sure to notice it when you feel that your request has been answered and thank that power for it because that will build your confidence in your ability to ask for help and to receive it when you need it.


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