February 23

Seriously, Why Are You Here?


Seriously, Why Are You Here?

I am asking you why you are here, not in this room or this office or looking at this website, but why are you here in this world, in this life?  

Do you enjoy your life and want to be here?  Do you have a purpose here?  Are there things that you do that make your heart sing, that feel purposeful and meaningful, that makes you have the endurance and the stamina that it takes to be truly engaged in a life that gives you joy?

You don’t always have to have a good time.  Things don’t always have to run smoothly.  In fact very often they don’t and very often we are beset with doubts and fears and wonderings if we are doing the right thing, if we might be doing something better or if there is another route or path for us that would make more sense.  This may not be a case of thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side.  It may be a warning or a suggestion that there is something else for you that is more true to your soul’s purpose, the reason why your Higher Self has caused you to be here in this world at this time for this reason.  Sometimes things can appear very messy indeed in life and yet still be right, but it is important to remember that if you are not enjoying something even in the messy times and if it doesn’t feel right for you, then you may need to ask yourself:  why am I doing this?  That lack of enjoyment may be an indication for you to rethink your priorities and what you are doing.

Being In The Right Place

Do you genuinely feel that you are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing?  Do you notice times in your life when you happen to meet someone who crosses your path just at the right time so that you can share something or learn something that is of value?  Do you notice the synchronicity of events that sometimes occur that can make you really feel that you are in the flow of your life and it is RIGHT?

Let’s go back to what I said in the piece on Body, Feelings, Mind, Thoughts, Beliefs: I often say that we are born with a body, feelings, mind and Higher Self or Soul and there is no instruction manual about how to manage these apparently diverse capacities and enable them to cooperate with each other. 

If you can imagine that your body, feelings and mind are the vehicles through which your Soul or Higher Self works to bring about your necessary growth and learning then you may have some idea of why it might be important for you to align those aspects of your personality with the urgings of your Soul.  We talk of the I – Self connection which means something about the alignment of your personality with your Soul’s purpose. 

Love & Light and Fuzzy Warm Bubble Baths?

If we are ignoring the promptings of your Soul which often come through your intuition, then it may send you very strict and severe notifications.  The Soul can be ruthless.  It is not all Love and Light and fuzzy warm bubble baths filled with joy.  It often makes its presence felt in no uncertain terms.  The more you learn to use your intuition to come into relationship with the messages from your Soul/Higher Self, the more satisfying and fulfilling your life can be.

A key to a happy and fulfilling life may be largely in the degree to which you are able to align yourself with your true purpose.  We are not born knowing what that is.  Our whole life may be one of trial and error where we attempt to follow our inner urgings in terms of our needs, desires and interests which ultimately may lead us to act on what is most purposeful for us. 

Think about how closely aligned your personality is with your Soul and rate on a scale of 1 – 10 all the various areas of life that are important to you such as spirituality; primary relationships: partner, parents, children; work; friends; physical well being; personal growth; money; health; fun and recreation; nature; music; art and anything else.  As you reflect on these aspects of your life, you may learn more about who you are and begin to get a sense of the direction in which you wish to go.  You may be here to be the best person you can be and to fulfil your life by living closely aligned to what is true for you and what makes your heart sing.


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