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Here are some honest reader reviews about Jane O'Brien's book,

"Dancing in the Heart of Life".

Beautiful Autobiography

"This autobiography is both beautiful and simple. I felt that it was such an interesting and important story that the author was sharing directly with me. Some of the events were so devastating and deeply moving that they gave me a lot of food for thought about my own life. I have a renewed faith in the depth of the human experience and the ability to triumph with grace and dignity. This is one of the best books I have ever read and it is a story that everyone should read. It deserves to be told on the stage as well as in movie theaters."

A beautifully touching read.

"So touched by Jane's book. She manages to beautifully take the reader on a journey through her life whilst spending moments of reflection to ask how it relates to us. I found each chapter related to my own life and the themes explored gave me permission to open up questions and reflections I had felt too scared to look at. A deeply sad story at times as Jane bravely explores some of the tragic events in her life with gentleness and compassion."

Wild at Heart but with a deeper message

"This book left me feeling like I'd been washed in a washing machine without soap and wrung dry through a mangle. It was exhilarating and thought-provoking. Only a spiritual warrior woman can be this honest with their reader and Jane O'Brien is such a writer. I'm grateful for the knowledge you lovingly shared. Thank you for publishing your memoir."

A clear and beautiful account of the stages of life of a soul ...

"A clear and beautiful account of the stages of life of a soul determined to grow and transform through all even the most difficult events. Reflections to help the reader to understand and act. Easy to read. Covers belief, marriage, sex, money, life and death, bereavement, finding fulfilment and joy."

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'Dancing In The Heart Of Life' has the gripping narrative of a novel, full of page turning suspense, whilst never losing those roots which are firmly embedded in the wisdom and expertise of a life enriched by the desire to heal.