Dancing In The Heart of Life

Jane O'Brien is a psychotherapist who lives and works in London.  She has lived in four countries, has been married to a well respected actor, and she is a mother, grandmother & great grandmother.

Jane shares her Journey candidly.  Briskly and humorously she charts its myriad challenges, heartbreaks, absurdities and joys.

Dancing In The Heart Of Life - Jane O'Brien

About Jane

​I am Irish American.  Having lived in four different countries I have been settled in London for over 30 years and have children, grand children and great grandchildren.

I have had a long career in personal development facilitating growth and progress for my clients.  I studied Psychosynthesis, an approach to psychological health rooted in the work of Freud and developed by Italian psychiatrist, Dr Roberto Assagioli.

I began my training in Psychosynthesis in Dublin in 1983, and continued in London qualifying first as a Counsellor in 1988 at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and later earning a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy from the University of East London in association with the Psychosynthesis Trust. (Formerly Psychosynthesis & Education Trust).

What They Say


"A clear and beautiful account of the stages of life of a soul determined to grow and transform through all even the most difficult events. Reflections to help the reader to understand and act. Easy to read. Covers belief, marriage, sex, money, life and death, bereavement, finding fulfilment and joy."

Gregory Donaldson

"So touched by Jane's book. She manages to beautifully take the reader on a journey through her life whilst spending moments of reflection to ask how it relates to us. I found each chapter related to my own life and the themes explored gave me permission to open up questions and reflections I had felt too scared to look at. A deeply sad story at times as Jane bravely explores some of the tragic events in her life with gentleness and compassion."