August 31

Relationship – Part 2


Continuing on with our discussion of relationship, I would suggest some more areas of life with which you have a relationship whether you have thought about them as such or not.

As I suggested in the first part of this blog, the clearer we are about our relationships with a variety of things in life, the more defined we are and the better we can be in terms of living our lives according to what is true for us. When we are able to do that, we are also able to be clear with ourselves and others to whom we are close.

Here are a few other considerations when thinking about relationships.

  1. Nature – The beauty of the Earth and the cosmos is all around us and we may feel inspired and sustained by it. Now, however, scientists say that much of that natural beauty to which we have become so accustomed is being seriously threatened by our lifestyles especially those of us in the West. How does that make you feel? Do you feel saddened, threatened, oblivious or disinterested and what, if anything, are you willing to do about it? Do you feel that we as human beings are stewards of the Earth and that we have a responsibility to act in co-operation with nature to help to maintain a balance in life? Do you feel that we are sustained by the Earth and the heavens? Do you regard the Earth as home?
  2. Animals – You may have pets that you see every day and you may occasionally see others in the natural world. What do you feel about them? Do you have dogs or cats as part of your household or want them? In relationship would you choose to have pets? What if your partner doesn’t agree with you? Is it a deal breaker if you love pets and your partner doesn’t want them or vice versa?
  3. Art, Music and Beauty – Do you need relationships with these for nourishing your inner world and for inspiration and relaxation and meaning.
  4. Books – Do you read a lot or a little? What books mean something to you? What kind of reading inspires you?
  5. Fun and Recreation – No matter how dedicated you are to your work, you still need rest, fun, relaxation and many people neglect that need. Do you get enough of this?
  6. Money – This is what sustains you in the physical world. It is neither good nor bad, but you may judge it as one or the other. It is simply a means of exchange. What does money mean to you?
  7. Personal Growth – Life is hard, and would you prefer it to be hard while you are stagnating and remaining the same or hard while you are growing and learning and developing more?
  8. Regrets – What are your regrets? What, if anything, can you do to soothe yourself and these regrets? When you get to your death bed, will you look back and say: That was quite a ride and it was great! Or will you say: I wish I had and I regret…?
  9. Apologies – Can you apologise when you are wrong – a genuine heartfelt apology goes a long way to repair ruptures in relationships but only if your apology is sincere.
  10. Failures – Where do you feel you have failed? Is that feeling of failure really the truth or is it your fantasy that enables you to feel bad about yourself? Remember there are good experiences and learning experiences, so what have you learned from your experience of failure?
  11. Successes – How have you managed and enjoyed your successes? Do you appreciate your successes or really see them at all?
  12. Discipline and Vigilance – Are these words important to you? Can you be vigilant and disciplined in your personal life? In what circumstances are those qualities valuable? What do those qualities mean to you?
  13. Respect, Awe and Reverence – Think of what people, ideas, concepts you respect? What are they? Who are they? Whom do you admire and for what qualities? Think of times when you have experienced awe and reverence – have you had many such experiences? What do they mean to you?
  14. Asking for Help – Are you able to ask for help from others or from the unseen world or both? Do you have the ability to let go of your pride and need to control enough to admit that you need help?
  15. Making meaning – how much do you reflect and consider your behaviours and the impact your actions have on others? How do you continually make meaning of your experiences so that you can process and digest them? How do you treat others with the respect that they deserve?
  16. The World – Do you feel that you want to contribute something to the world, make it a better place in your own way? Does it bother you when you are aware of the rage and hatred and injustice and abuse that you see everywhere? Does the world situation disturb you? Can you imagine it being better? Do you want to be part of the solution and help the situation? How can you help little by little every day?

This is just to offer more areas of life with which we have relationships that may be interesting now to consider.


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