October 29

Body, Feelings, Mind, Thoughts, Beliefs


Body, Feelings, Mind, Thoughts, Beliefs

I often say that we are born with a body, feelings, mind and Higher Self or Soul and there is no instruction manual about how to manage these apparently diverse capacities and enable them to cooperate with each other.

Let’s look at them individually.  

Jane O'Brien Body, Feelings, Mind, Thoughts, Beliefs

Your Body

Your body is your vehicle in this life. With it you navigate your world.  You live and breathe, move and act, and it is as if you have a feeling/mind/body because they are all connected and also animated by your Soul.  

So the way that you feel about your body impacts your body and your whole being. Your body is your best friend because if you are considerate and take care of it, then it will serve you well through your life.  If you abuse it, then it will rebel at some stages and cause you grief and pain. Is it worth it? Think now if you are willing to appreciate your body for all the work that it does for you. It works 24 hours a day 7 days a week and rarely asks for a holiday!

Your Feelings

Your feelings are enormously varied.  If you could imagine them as characters and asked them to gather around you then you would notice a great variety of beings surrounding you.  Some you would enjoy and appreciate. Some you would fear and dread. Some you would hate and some you would want to lock out of the room behind a strong door.  And yet, your feelings give you a lot of information about what goes on within you and around you.

That information can help to inform you about many situations in life so your feelings are extremely valuable.  Do you pay attention and listen to them? Perhaps now you might feel ready to appreciate your feelings for all that they do for you in terms of alerting you to things you need to know in many different circumstances.

Your Mind

Your mind is a very powerful instrument indeed.  It likes its familiar grooves, its well established paths.  If you are changing your thinking or adjusting your core beliefs, your feelings may go into disarray because of fear or anxiety or hesitation, so at those times it is important to reassure your being that whatever it is feeling is all right.  

Now we are doing things differently. When you act differently than you are used to behaving, you may feel a sense of triumph at the time, but afterwards, there may be a backlash from the part of you who knows you have done something different and you may feel very vulnerable indeed.  Gradually your feelings will adjust to the new way of being and that way will become a familiar groove.

Having said all that your mind can be your friend – after all it enables you to live your life, do your job, create relationships and find ways through challenging situations.  It sends you thoughts all the time, some positive, some negative and some mixed but whatever the thoughts are, they enable you to become aware of yourself and your actions and behaviour. If you think about it, notice how powerful your mind is, how it attempts to protect you if you are vulnerable and if you are willing perhaps you could appreciate it for all that it does for you.

Your Navigation Instruments

So very briefly, your body, feelings and mind are your instruments for navigating this life, and they are all animated by your Soul or Higher Self. Your Soul associates with them to bring you the lessons or learnings that you need for your best growth and development.  It holds the blue print of how you can best use yourself in this life according to what is meaningful to you and to your life’s purpose. It may be your desire to align yourself, your life and your work with your Soul’s purpose and that is an ongoing quest that may serve you well.


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